It’s simple, but works

smell_1_smallI was walking in Chelsea the other day with my friend and we suddenly start smelling something so good that it immediately caught our attention. We had to stop and find out where this smell was coming from.

Turns out, we were passing by PENHALIGON’S. For the people who are not familiar with the brand, they are a fragrance store in the UK and they use sensory marketing to attract customers to come into their store.

The technique worked wonderfully on my friend and me because we start looking around and follow our sense of smell and discover this store that otherwise we wouldn’t have noticed. The smell was soooo gooood!!!!

What they do is pretty simple, outside their store they place a vaporizer that sprays a scent, so when people pass by they can’t help but notice.

Here is a quick link to the video I made about the store and the technique, feel free to check it out 😉




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