5 tricks Apple, Nike and McDonald’s are doing on you.


nike-sneaker-shoeIf you have read this blog, you somehow know that I’m passionate about finding out what triggers human behaviour to buy products or to choose one brand over others.  My passion led me to find sensory marketing which is the topic behind every post I make.


Doing my research, I often find out what some companies do to move the needle in their favour so it occurred to me to tell you some of the tricks well-known brands do on us. Here are 5 of the most interesting, yet unknown tricks these companies are doing:



  1. Apple

If you are an Apple user like me, you probably had smelled the Apple scent. The company hired Air Aroma to produce a scent that combines the smell of cardboard and ink, they apply this scent to their packaging and voila, every new apple user gets to smell it. This is a crucial part of their brand strategy.


  1. McDonald’s


It’s lunchtime and you know it. McDonald’s targets car drivers at lunchtime by placing subtle radio adverts that recreate the sound of their famous fries, so if you are a hungry driver around lunch time, McDonald’s is after you.


  1. M&M’s

The M&M’s stores around the globe use smell marketing tactics. If you happen to enter their store you will smell chocolate, all over. Funny enough, everything is packed. So where does the smell come from? You guess it correctly. They spread artificial chocolate smell so your sense is delighted and you can’t help to buy.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Some Airlines, like Singapore Airlines, use a scent to create a relaxing experience for their passengers, they place the aroma on their hot towels and their flight attendants. This way the plane keeps smelling fresh. By enhancing customer experience, they are prone to keep choosing them.

  1. Nike

Nike wants to tell you which shoes you should buy and of course, they have to be the most expensive ones!

Nike spreads a flower mixed scent on the shoes they want their customers to buy. So next time you are at Nike pay close attention to the smell, not all the shoes have the scent.

So here they are, 5 tricks well-known brands do to get you to buy.

Have you ever experience something similar? Will love to know it.

Until my next post,




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