To be honest, this blog started out as an assignment for my Master in Marketing, the class was Digital Marketing and Phillipa Gamse, my professor at the time and a digital guru, asked us to create a blog. So I did.

I wanted to create something that was interesting and exciting for me to talk about so after a little self-digging, I thought to myself-  why not talk about something I love?  Marketing and brains. So this is how it all started.

After graduating and landing a job at one of the most prestigious companies in the world, Uber, I didn’t really have much time to blog about anything so I stopped for a while. I was kind of busy helping UberEATS succeed in the most amazing market that exists. New York.

After a couple of years, I’ve decided to pick up my blog, so this time around this blog is about all my passions, and I will try to relate everything I post with Marketing. In this blog you will find things about Yoga, Food, Traveling, My experiences living in the most amazing cities in the world, San Francisco, Bogota, Berlin, New York and London (yes. I’ve lived in great cities, haven’t I?- Well, I think so! I have been very blessed for that) and of course marketing and brain.

I hope you really enjoy it and please share your thoughts.

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