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Sensory marketing can be 84cd77bbaee1049d52d5de12ae8772afdefined by the different sensory techniques a brand uses to persuade a customer to purchase something. In other words sensory marketing allows marketers to trigger the brains to alter people’s behaviors through their five different senses: Olfactory, Auditory, Gustatory, Tactile and Vision.


Companies in the retail industry such as Williams-Sonoma and Abercrombie & Fitch are using different sensory strategies to trigger different senses and evoke certain feelings in their customers which ultimately persuade a purchase.


But not only have those companies used it, in fact a lot of brands implement sensory marketing as part their strategy because they believe it works. They believe it increases brand awareness and they also believe that creating better experiences for the customer will generate or even increase in-stores sales. #DareToSense





Watch this Tedtalk by the unique and only Simon Harrop




Sensory Marketing

Have you seen how different stores put little items right next to the cashier? Have you ever visited a store that makes you feel really uncomfortable? Have you ever associated a brand or a product with a particular smell? Do you notice the music in the stores? Have you ever considered that brands might be manipulating your purchasing experience through different techniques? ….This is what this blog is all about!!!

A technique that is called SENSORY MARKETING and how different brands use it to influence your behaviour when you are purchasing.

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Stimulating your brain through your senses

Stimulating your brain through your senses