How Dunkin Donuts is getting you to buy more coffee

coffee-1030971_1280If you have been reading my blog, by now you know that several companies use Sensory Marketing to trigger more customers to buy whatever they sell. The tactics are as simple as placing cheap products next to the cashier line or as sophisticated as using sound marketing to add a vibration to the engine of a car so it appears to be edgier.

In 2012 Dunkin Donuts decided to test an experiment with the people from Seoul, Korea. This city is well-known for its fast-growing coffee culture and it is the home of more than 15.000 coffee shops, this means, there is at least one coffee shop every 50 meters, making it a very competitive market.

Dunkin’ Donuts in order to increase their coffee sales released a sensory marketing campaign. They placed aroma diffusers inside the public transportation system of the city. Whenever the radio advertising of Dunkin’ Donuts was on, the diffuser released a coffee aroma. Then they placed ads in the bus stops so people will notice it as soon as they left the bus and they will also see the Dunkin’ Donuts shop. This strategy increased Dunkin’ Donuts visitors by 16% and sales went up to 29%.

Most of the time, we as human beings, don’t make conscious decisions, and we just need that extra push from a brand to get us to buy. What do you think?

If you want to see the campaign, check out their video.  

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