The top 5 ads from SuperBowl 2018 you shouldn’t miss.

Ok, ok, so the Eagles from Philly won the 2018 Super Bowl (Congrats Philly, I guess I should say???)… To be frank I couldn’t care less about the game, (sorry for the football fans out there) for starters football doesn’t exist in my country. We LIKE SOCCER. In fact, we Colombians are quite passionate about it and I support my team as much as I can (#ColombiaTeamWorldcup2018). However, I used to live in America so once you live there, you can’t help it.


But don’t get me wrong, the only reason I care about it, is due to the ads, (what kind of marketer would I be if I didn’t care about the ads, right?) I just look forward, year after year to see what brands will come up with. 2018 wasn’t quite what I was expecting. In fact, choosing 5 of the best ads for me was a bit challenging. Anyways, here is the list of my top 5 ads for this Super Bowl.

  1. Doritos and Mountain Dew

I have to confess something. I’m such a bit fan of Game of Thrones that seeing Peter Dinklage joining Morgan Freeman was absolutely marvellous. On top of that, they were in a lip sync battle. Should I even say something else? Utterly great!! This two brands for years have done fantastic jobs with their Super Bowl ads so I’m not surprised to see this amazing and funny piece.

2. Amazon – Alexa Loses her Voice

Amazon’s ad was extremely entertaining and funny. For the first time, Jeff Bezos appears on the ad and together with Anthony Hopkins, Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay and Cardi B. they make a hilarious interpretation of Alexa. This ad gathers all you want to see in Super Bowl advert.


3. Kia – Feel Something Again

This year Kia teamed up with Steven Tyler to create a compelling ad. He is testing the car and he goes back to his younger years because he feels young again while driving. I truly believe the car industry is always on point with their ads, not just Kia. Year after year, the industry tries to connect with the customer in an emotional way, in the past, Audi has done great, I still remember the commander commercial of the 2016 Super Bowl. Sadly Audy decided not to advertise this year. Let’s wait for 2019, I’m sure their comeback will be great. But in the meantime, this Kia ad makes you feel energized and young again.

4. Budweiser Stand by you

Ok, so I might be biased here because one of the causes I truly defend is water, so when I saw Budweiser doing an ad that brings water to those in need which is something I feel close to my heart I couldn’t help to like it. A really great effort from the brand to send the message of helping out to those in need. Kudos!

5. Jeep- Jurassic

This year Jeff Goldblum returns to Jurassic Park as he is test driving the Jeep Wrangler. Again, the car brand makes us feel young and empowered again. Perfect for the upcoming release of the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom new movie premiere this summer.


What I love about my career is that we can create powerful, emotional, funny ads so people relate to them. In moments where things might be tense, we might help to release some of that tension, just look at last year Super Bowl ads where the United States and the world were having a crisis over Trump’s ban.  I believe we have a huge ethical responsibility to the audience and brands should never forget that. So this is all from me today. Here they were, the top 5 ads from the 2018 Super Bowl you need to watch.



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