Your irrational purchases

Customers make irrational decisions just because of the way a brands connect with them. A specific sound, vacillate consumers mood. An upbeat top 40 song in a clothing store will make customers feel better while shopping and as they are happy and relax the sales will increase.

Practical aroma selection can increasescreen-shot-2014-11-02-at-9-30-18-pm traffic in a store, when you feel an aroma that you like you can be drawn into the store because you feel that particular smell appeals you or comforts you in a way (e.g. Williams-Sonoma). Simon Harrop conducted an experiment with a retailer store in London. The store wanted to increase their sausages sales so he spread a fake sausage aroma at the entrance and this made people who smell it enter the store and go to the sausage area, then he tested how taste could persuade sales and he proved when people tasted a product they were more willing to buy it.  This goes to the reciprocation principle, people feel obligated to give something back when they are offered something, and in this case they feel “persuaded to buy”.


So tell me your irrational purchase… I will be happy to hear your comments!