Yoga in 5 cities


I discovered Yoga back in 2015 in my hometown, Bucaramanga, Colombia. I heard about it several times before but I guess I was not ready for it.

I’ve always been the anxious type, I overthink and I analyse everything a million times, in the spring of 2015 I was going through a rough patch so I thought about trying yoga to see what was all the fuzz about it.

Turns out two years later, I’m a full yogi. I practice it every day and I believe it balances my mind, my soul and my body. I always like to go to classes rather than doing it myself because I like when teachers help you achieve those crazy postures, but regardless of your choice, the most important thing about yoga is that it helps you connect to your body and spirit.

Throughout these two years, I’ve moved cities quite a lot so I created a list of the places I have practised yoga, in case you happen to be in one of them, I truly recommend these places.


@Yosemite National Park- California


This is a small studio located in the Cabecera neighbourhood. They focus mainly on Hatha yoga but they do have a hot yoga class too in case you want to lose more pounds.


This is a really nice studio, with a perfect garden view. Adriana is the owner and she encourages you to go the extra mile to master those difficult poses.

San Francisco

Yoga to the people is an American franchise, it exists in different cities and San Francisco, as being one of the most yogi places in the world couldn’t miss having a YTTP (yoga to the people) studio. This is a donation based class so always make sure to get there 20-15 earlier, especially during the weekends and at candle-lit classes.

It is located in one of the most hipster neighbourhoods in SF, Mission and after your practice, you can walk around to get a great smoothie in one of the shops nearby.

I gotta confess I’m not a big Bikram fan, I don’t like the consistency of doing the same 26 poses every class but If you are up for the challenge then go to Bikram yoga at North Beach, this small studio has several classes throughout the day at a very convenient price.


New York

YTTP has several studios in New York, I usually visited the one on 3rd Ave or the one in Williamsburg (to be honest the one in the lower east side is my preferred option just because the location and the studio itself is nicer.

Same as SF this is a donation based studio.

This studio is located in Crown Heights. There are different yoga styles taught so make sure to look at the online schedule to go to the style you like.

This studio is also donation based.

This is a lovely studio located near Bergen St Station in Brooklyn, NY. The teachers are very nice; it gets busy so you must come early because it is on a first come basis so make sure to be 15 min before the class.

The great thing about this place is that you can pay with your credit card, I found this very convenient because usually, all yoga places are cash only.


When I found out about this place I was amazed. The style is vinyasa flow in a hot pod, so for sure you will sweat a lot in this 37 degrees’ room. There are 3 locations in London but HPY is in most European countries.

All the teachers are fantastic and if you are lucky and the room is not that full, at the end the teachers will give you a little massage while you are in your Shavasana. The perfect way to finish your practice.

So here they are, a list of all the places I recommend you for yoga in the different cities I’ve been.


Share your thoughts,

Hot pod Yoga



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