Oh It is Christmas ads Season – My Top 5 Ads.

Christmas_candle_snowman_with_lightsYou gotta love Christmas, don’t you? It is the time of the year where mostly everyone is happy, Michael Buble is in the air, you start re-watching for the hundredth time Home Alone or if you are in Britain; Love Actually. Stores like Pret- A-Manger, Starbucks and Costa bring out their big guns and they release hot Christmassy drinks and it seems like everywhere you go there is a version of a Christmas Market, and why wouldn’t it? After all, this is the biggest season for sales and marketing. People shopping all over, it is paradise for brands!


Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without adverts, so in an effort to honour them I created my top 5 list of Christmas adverts this year. These are my favourite ones and it’s a mix of American ads and British adverts. Here they are (in no particular order):



  1. Audi Holiday Campaign: “Parking Lot”


I love Audi Ads, they always appeal to our sweet emotions and create compelling storytelling in their ads (check out my absolute favourite ad the R8 Commander Super bowl 2016 Ad). In this Ad, two men are competing to win over a parking lot space, It’s funny, relatable, and I’m pretty sure a lot of guys down there feel identified. It talks directly to the target audience. Once Again, Bravo Audi!


  1. Moz the Monster- John Lewis


Every Christmas British people patiently wait for the John Lewis Advert, there is no Christmas without John Lewis ads, this year, however, this ad was a bit criticised by the British but it is absolutely one of my favourites, I love the story of the kid and the monster, plus I love the music.


  1. M&S Paddington #LoveTheBear


If you are British or you have lived here, you are probably very familiar with the love they have for Paddington, the lovely bear. This year Marks and Spencer created a lovely advert with Paddington helping out “Santa”. It’s adorable and it plays with a figure the British are fond of. Fantastic job by M&S.



  1. #YouShall find your fairy-tale Debenhams


If you ever read or watch Cinderella, you know what this story is all about, boy meets girl, she loses her shoe and he tries to find her, blah blah blah. But what is brilliant about this ad is that Debenhams created a whole campaign trying to find the shoe in the media and they also used a very beloved actor to be the narrator of the story, Ewan McGregor. You Shall find is a great executed marketing campaign. Kudos!


  1. Mercedes Benz “Pit stop”


Any Ad that has puppies or babies on it is a winner. In this ad, Santa Claus is bringing gifts to children in his car but one of the gifts needs to do a Pit Stop. It’s lovely. Gotta Love Puppies.

So there it was my favourite ads for this amazing season.

Merry Christmas to you all,


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Christmas Market




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