It all starts in the brain.

It all starts in the brain.

The following Figure  shows how different parts of the brain are in charge of each one of the five senses. The occipital lobe manages the vision, the parietal lobe controls the gustatory and the tactile senses, the frontal lobe is where the olfactory sense is located and lastly the auditory sense is part of the temporal lobe.


Figure 1:  Your Brain and 5 SensesBrain and senses


Source:  (Èspresso1882 Australia, 2015)



Connections and associations made in the brain derived from our senses evoke emotions. Every time a sense is exposed to a stimuli, memories come and therefore associations happen, as Martin Lindstrom (2009) mentioned in his book, “We store our values and emotions in memory banks for each sense — image, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Events, moods, feelings, and even products in our lives are continuously imprinted in our memories, from the second we wake to the moment we sleep”. Marketers aim to create positive brand associations and sensory marketing is a way of generating them.

When one enters a store and smells a particular aroma, immediately the brain will react with a positive or negative association therefore we can assume that senses do influence consumers while they are shopping.


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